E-commerce / Courier Services

Assisting businesses both large and small with our bespoke shipping services.


E-commerce / Courier

The product is in stock, and an order has been placed over the phone or via your website. Your team is preparing the order and putting on the finishing touches. From the moment an order is placed to the moment you hand it over to the courier and it is delivered, KTS logistics serves your shipping needs.


Growing the Online Selling Experience

KTS Logistics works with you; from bringing products from your shop to our warehouses, to ensuring our team packages products to your specifications for delivery. Once ordered and ready to ship, our extensive transportation delivery network across North America provides seamless and budget-friendly shipping designed to serve your clients’ needs. 

Capable of accepting all forms of communication for the disbursement of products, such as EDI, API, CSV, Excel, G-shared, etc, our team will monitor and track every step of the process, so that you may integrate client details and include product delivery and shipping times in your CRM system or reporting solutions.


Delivering Your Parcels the Extra Mile

As a third-party logistics provider, we have hand-selected each and every carrier within our partner network. Through working with some of the largest small parcel carriers in the industry, we are able to ensure fast, reliable and on-time service that you can stand behind. 

With our easy pick-up booking system and extensive B2B and B2C services, you can rest knowing that your parcels are in good hands. Utilize our secure customer portal with Fast Track features to gain up-to-the-minute shipment information, upon submission of your reference or waybill number. 

Experience fast, secure, quality-driven services and solutions. 

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