Grow With Our Suite of Trusted Services

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Grow With Our Suite of Trusted Services

The transportation industry has experienced highs and lows over the years. Yet, in 2020 the world recognized just how important logistics and transportation services are in furthering our economy, distributing products and goods, and keeping customers and businesses connected despite the circumstances. When people are looking for greater convenience and connectivity, KTS Logistics has been able to develop strategies and services that deliver in both areas every time.

LTL Shipping

Whether it be by highway, rail, or across border, our LTL services are designed to save you both time and money while allowing you to experience high-quality shipping services and resources. By bringing together several shipments into one vehicle, you can deliver products and goods to your customers when requested, rather than waiting to fill an entire truck with waiting orders. With state-of-the-art technology and tracking available to you at every stage of the shipping process, you can rest knowing that your customers are receiving the best your business has to offer, right to their door.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

Warehousing and distribution centres have increased in popularity over the years as major companies and retailers have expanded to gain an established presence in major cities and transportation hubs across North America. Location is crucial, yet the services provided must stand out from the rest. At KTS Logistics we not only store products and goods for both long and short terms, but we provide fulfillment services. When an order is placed, our team will pick-and-pack and prepare for shipping! With locations in Toronto and Buffalo, you can confidently expand your customer base and know that our team can fulfill your specific warehousing, packaging and shipping needs.

E-Commerce and Courier

If your business was not utilizing the e-commerce shipping experience before 2020, you are most likely making use of it now. We take the complicated and make it simple, easy, and secure so that you may focus on what’s best for your business. Our e-commerce and courier services take your shipments the extra mile so that when customers place an order, it arrives at their door on time and in perfect condition. Serving North America with locations in Toronto and Buffalo, we help your business share what makes it unique all while expanding your market on your terms.

Logistics is complex for many, yet for us, it’s a system of routes, planning, processes, data and growth that we have perfected. Trust our experienced team; ask us how we can help assist you with all your shipping, warehousing and e-commerce needs. Contact us today!